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By: wifwat (



We had been invited to a party at the home of my wife's boss, I knew no one at all at the party, about 40 people. Carrie knew some of them from work. It was her first job as she is only 18 and had only been working there a couple of months. Lots of people who knew Carrie from work were saying hello to her, mostly men. Carrie pointed out several of the men who had been making passes at her at work. She said she had been flattered by their attentions but didn't respond to any of them.

Carrie's boss took me around to meet people while his wife and some of her friends entertained Carrie. It must have been over half an hour before I saw Carrie again and she was looking the worse for wear, too many cocktails. She was in the library that had been set up as a disco. She was dancing with some guy who had his hands full of her arse. I cut in and while we were dancing, Carrie said she needed to go to the bathroom.

I took her upstairs and after she came back out she complained of feeling very tired. I suggested that we went home but she just crumbled in my arms. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom were we had left our coats. There were two beds, one with all the coats piled on and an empty one. I laid her down and stood for a moment admiring how beautiful she looked in her short black cocktail dress. The dress was so short as she lay there, that I could see her stocking tops. I found her coat and covered her legs up then went back and joined the party.

I explained to our hosts what had happened and they said it was OK that these things sometimes happen at parties and that we should let her sleep. Although I didn't know anybody, they seemed very friendly. I got to dance with a few of the wives and chatted to a lot of the men. After a while I needed to go to the bathroom and before coming back down, I had a look in on Carrie. She was still fast asleep but her coat was on the floor. As I bent to pick it up I couldn't help but see up her skirt and the sight of her golden patch of pubic hair caught my eye. I should have seen black knickers. "Where could they have gone?" I thought perhaps she had left them in the bathroom. I covered her once more with the coat and rejoined the party.

I noticed 2 of the guys Carrie had pointed out as some of the ones who had 'come on' to her in the office. What caught my attention was the fact that they were going to the bathroom together. I thought no more of it and went on enjoying myself.

After a while I thought I had better check on Carrie again. Again her coat was on the floor and I couldn't resist having another look at her lovely cunt. As I raised her skirt and eased her legs apart, I could see spunk seeping out of my wife's cunt.

Far from being angry or jealous, I was turned on and buried my face into her golden fleece. I prised her cunt lips apart and sucked on her delicious young cunt sucking up all the spunk and rubbing my face in it. I was turned on like never before with images of strange faceless men taking advantage of my sleeping wife, of them sticking their dicks into her sweet young cunt and emptying their spunk into her as she slept.

By the time I had finished sucking on her cunt, she was completely clean of any spunk. I dried her pussy with my handkerchief, covered her again and returned to the party.

Now, although still enjoying the party, I kept an eye on the stairs and who was going up. When they came back down, if I thought that they had been too long to have just been to the bathroom, I would go and inspect Carrie again. I had got to clean her cunt about 6 times, when I went to check on her the 7th time, I got a shock.

There were 3 guy's standing around the bed wanking on their cocks. Another guy was on the bed fucking Carrie. One of the guys called me over. "Come and watch this lovely slut in action. She's fast asleep but is still enjoying lots of dick." I joined them, cock in hand and wanked away as the men took turns fucking my sleeping wife.

When all 4 of them had emptied their spunk into her and left us alone, I once again buried my face into her spunked up cunt and sucked her clean.

Christmas Present

Christmas Present
By: bitterbucolic007 (

It had been a long day at school, studying for finals, winter weather was nowhere to be found, of course this is Texas, so a halter top and skirt is completely acceptable in December. I pulled up to my friends' brother's house, where it is actually quiet enough to study. I went in and laid my books down on the couch, sat down, lit a cigarette and got to work. I was soon in the zone reading about revolutionary writers and public speakers.

When I looked up three hours had passed and it was 9 o'clock at night. I looked up because I heard a door open. Walking toward me was the hottest thug you have ever seen, six foot five inches, braids, and a grill that must cost twenty stacks. He was throwd out in Jordan, all matching down to his boxers and socks. Very smart assy Jack asked "how's the studyin' goin baby girl?" "Oh it's better than any sex I've ever had," I said sticking my tongue at him, "you've been fuckin those white boys again haven't you?" "No you know I went black and I isn't ever going back, actually I'm about to fall asleep."

I got up, which was very hard in a mini skirt, and my legs were asleep, I stumbled and caught myself on him. "Sorry, I've been on my ass to long," he smiled and smacked my ass, "damnit Jack that hurt." "Just trying to wake yo ass up." I walked over to the fridge and got a bottle of water, and sat on Jack because he took my seat, "girl what the hell is you doing?!" "Getting my seat back!" "I don't see your name on it, plus it's my fuckin couch!" "Fine, then!" I got up and put r. Kelley's bump-n-grind on, and stood in front of him. "Now what are you doing?" "Just playing around, seeing if anything will pop up."

"Well let's put something up first," then Jack handed me a sandwich baggy full of a white substance, "it may be 80 degrees out side but you can still play in the snow." I grabbed a straw and razor blade, and cut off a rock the size of a pen cap, "baby girl you know you can't make a snowman out of one snow ball." So I cut a chunk about the size of a quarter off and handed him the bag. I used a beer cap to crush it into a fine powder, then I took the razor blade and cut four scarface rails, I put the straw to my nose and inhaled deeply bringing the powder to my nose feeling it hit my throat and draining down, I did a second rail on the other side, saving the other two for later. "I love playing in the snow, it makes me soo horny."

I walked over to Jack and danced in front of him, swaying my ass in front of him, and lowering it into his lap and gave him one hell of a lap dance. Jack put his hands on my waist and lifted me up, so I could stand. " you got a ass that belongs on a black bitch, huge tits, and a tight Asian pussy, all wrapped up in one fine ass white girl." I walked up to him and straddled him and ground my pussy into his pants, I let my skirt ride up, exposing my cleanly shaven cunt. "So Jack, what do you want for Christmas?" "dunno," "seriously, it is so hard to shop for you and your brother, ya'll have everything." "I want some pussy, but it has to be fresh, something I've never had before." "Well, let me see..." I grabbed one of his hands and rubbed it against my clit, "who haven't you fucked?" "Well, there is this one white freak that teases me way to much, but never lets me have it, I want her pussy."

He lifted me off of him and laid me on the couch, and gently worked two fingers into me. "I have absolutely no clue who you are talking about, but if you keep doing that it might help me think." Jack started finger fucking me harder and faster, making my pussy soaking wet, my breath coming fast, "I still don't know who you're talking about snowman," "I'll give you a clue, she's about to cum." With that last word my pussy convulsed and pussy juice flowed over his hand. He took his hand and laughed, "Care for one last guess?" "I don't have to guess, you've already taken the bow off of your present."

I stood up and knelt down in front of him. I pulled off his many layers of shorts, which exposed his massive chocolate stick. I wrapped what I could of my hand around him, and brought my mouth to his head, and licked it, using my tongue ring for more pressure, followed by working his entire head into my mouth. Inch by inch I worked his cock deep into my throat. When my throat convulsed around the intruder, trying to force it out, Jack gave a deep moan that was more like a growl. "You can't do that much longer, I won't last." I came up for air, "you might not last, but while you're recovering you can return the favor." I went back down, taking every last inch of his ten inches in my throat. If I'm relaxed I can breathe and stay down for a long time, I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and licked his sac, working his cum filled balls into my mouth, and for an added touch I started humming bump-n-grind, I felt his balls tighten, and let them slip out of my mouth, and unsheathed his member from my throat. At that point he stood up and started Jacking off in my mouth, within a few seconds I was getting a mouthful of nut. I did nothing but catch the sweet and salty go in my mouth and swallow, and lick every drop off of him.

I stood up and sat back down in my seat, hanging my pussy over the edge. This time he got on his knees. Jack slid his tongue up and down my slit, and with one hand opened my lips exposing my soaking wet pink pussy, and swollen clit. He licked my clit quickly once, then ran over it again more slowly, using all the pressure he could. As he slid two fingers into my cunt, he sucked on my clit. His fingers pulsed in and out of me with great speed. My breath came in short spurts, "damn nigga, fuck your dick I'll stick with your tongue." He nibbled on my clit and rammed his fingers into me causing me to shake with an orgasm that I cannot even begin to describe. "Oohh, Jack! Fuck me nigga fuck me hard, drink my pussy juice."

After I stopped shaking, he removed his fingers from me, and stood up. I waited a few seconds to make sure I could stand, and walked to the counter, did my other two rails, while they were draining in hot lines, making my throat go numb, and I smoked a cigarette, and took a drink of water. After I finished smoking, I went and sat down, "ready for the other half of your present?" I looked down and stretching the material of his shorts was his rock hard cock. "No baby girl the question is are you ready?" I stood in front of him, took off my skirt, and shirt, followed by my bra. I got as close to him as I could, pushed his shorts down, and squatted, and sucked his dick until it was coated with my saliva. As I stood up I put my arms around his neck, he lifted me up by the back of my thighs and walked to a wall, he pushed me against the wall and slowly lowered me onto his cock. He worked his head in gently, then with tremendous force, thrusted the rest of his prick into me. I made a loud noise, somewhere between a scream and a moan. He started driving his cock in and out of me, causing me to moan constantly.

His pace slowed, still sheathed, he carried me to the couch, and laid me across it. With very careful movements he knelt down, lifted my legs around his neck, and violently fucked me as hard and as fast as he could. He slowed down, removed my legs from his neck, and held them with his arms, and pulled out, waited a few seconds and rammed his rod back into me causing me to scream in pleasure. He pulled out completely, and guided me to stand up and lean across the back of the couch. He dick slapped my clit, making me jump each time, and then slowly guided his pole back into my twat. Jack drilled my pussy making loud meaty noises as he collided with my ass. From that angle he was hitting my g-spot, and to make it so much better, he reached between my legs and manipulated my clit. Within two minutes I was shaking again, he started to slow down, "no don't slow down, I'm gonna cum again, goddamnit don't stop." With this plea he pumped and rubbed more fiercely. With loud scroams (screaming& moaning) my pussy tightened around his shaft, making him blow a huge load of hot cum in my pussy. After I milked him dry, I stood up, a combination of my juice and his seed spilled out of me down my leg.

I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. I wiped off what I could, went back out, still completely nude, and smoked a cigarette. I told Jack, "I'm gonna take a shower." "Towels are under the sink." I started running the water, getting it as hot as I could stand, climbed in and started washing my body. The curtain opened up, "mind if I join you?" "It's your shower." I moved over so he could get in. "So baby girl, what do you want for Christmas?"

To be continued

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Carpool Set Her Free

Carpool Set Her Free
By: Nikita (

Carpool Set Her Free by Nikita © 2006

She walked to the seedy looking store front that had the words TATTOOS and Piercing painted on the window. Jules peeked in to check her lipstick and her hand flew to her hair to control an unruly wisp. Staring back at her was the reflection of an unlikely patron, a perky soccer mom with sporty hair, a blue jean miniskirt, and pink polo shirt. Looking to the left, then to the right, she quickly ducked inside, her heels tap tap tapping on the concrete floor.

Cigarette smoke hung in the air like a wet suit, and a gruff looking man looked up and leered at her. His face was adorned with jewelry. She looked at him like a shy schoolgirl as he tilted his head toward the curtained door. Jules felt like Alice walking through the looking glass.

"Why 're you late?" asked Weasel, whose tattoos told a story on his bald head.

"Um...had to drive carpool today. One of the boys was running late." she stammered as she slipped out of the clothes.

Jules put on the black posture collar and immediately, her demeanor changed. She was transformed into a slave and her place was opposite the curtained door. As customers walked in, they inspected Jules, who sported classy yet edgy adornments of her own. Large rings, nipple knobs, anchored her golden globes. The real showstoppers were the three shiny locks that hung from her bald pink pussy lips. The key holder was Weasel.

She often thinks about that fateful day when she slipped downtown to get her nipples pierced. As usual, her impulses caused unforeseen consequences.

Jules remembered the alarming phrase "Strap the lady down, boy, and don't mess with dem purty shoes."

Her clothes flew off like feathers off a chicken. Once the good ole boys saw her baby-like pussy, they were dead quiet. One of them said "Well butter my butt and call me biscuit."

They kept her all day, even called their friends for opinions on how to best display piercing on Jules. While they debated, she sucked all of them, at least twice, before lunch. She looked on the bright side, it wasn't so bad to be the center of attention. Then, Weasel got down to business and gave her nipples a proper piercing. They sucked her nipples until their ears whistled. Then, at the stick of the needle, the rings were threaded through.

With handles to play with, they all took another turn testing the depth of her throat. Jules had to figure out how to get away. This experience had been a lot of fun, but she got more than she bargained for. Time was running out. As she reached for her clothes and they were snatched from her. Jules begged to be let go, but her cries fell on deaf ears. They laughed at her.

Finally she screamed "I'VE GOT CARPOOL TODAY!"

They stopped and looked at each other.

"Kids gotta be picked up, said one.

"Can't leave 'em out there to be kidnapped or sumpthin," said the other.

The rest agreed in unison.

Weasel pondered the situation and said solemnly, "We got to let her go. But I got a plan."

He looked at her square in the eye and said, "I didn't fall offa no turnip truck."

Next thing you know, Jules was fitted with the locks.

"If you don't come back every week for a reunion, those locks will stay on until a locksmith gets them off. I believe they use a saw."

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All Star Slut Auction 4

All Star Slut Auction 4 [part 4 of 14]
By: Will Buster

All Star Slut Auction 4 by Will Buster

Interstellar electronic bidding is a marvel of forty second century technology and engineering. I wouldn't expect such backward, Paleolithic personages as yourselves to comprehend the complex theories of cosmic mechanics, time space continuum factors and light wave measurements. Lets just say a combination of time distortion and light wave manipulation was sufficient to send messages scores of light-years in a blink of an eye. Isn't modern science wonderful? Besides in a novel of this brevity I don't have to real off pages of complex mathematical equations. All I have to tell you is that because I say some brilliant scientists invented it during the third and forth millennium, it simply is! It doesn't matter if you and Sir Albert claim such things are not possible. Jet planes were impossible in 1776. Lazar eye surgery was impossible as recently as 1914. Well it's 4107 and I say these things have been invented and developed and I don't have to prove it. It hasn't happened yet so you can't claim it, won't happen. So there! Read it and like it!

Here is our young handsome letch Todd who is trying to figure out which phantasmal fox he's going to get a chance to thoroughly do. The bidding is brisk and aggressive. After all these are practically the best in the business. Remember Todd is competing against corporate giants for this kind of material. If Todd is very lucky he might, just might get one for the weekend if one of these sluts gets somewhat overlooked. First he tries going for Hallie. He liked that flashy strawberry slut with the sexy high heels, creamy bare skin and those pleading, provocative screams. Well all those enchanting fuck girls do that but Hallie does it better. She fucks dripping dicks as if sensational sins were her only pleasurable path to salvation. He clicks in at 12,000 credits but quickly the bidding erupts and she's over twenty thousand and that's just for the weekend. He blanches in disbelief when he sees the monthly credit bids on this vital, horny bimbo.

Next he tries for Candy. I guess even low class techs prefer blondes. But then so doesn't everybody else? His 15,000 credit attempt lasts about thirty seconds and is quickly dwarfed by a twenty three thousand bid. All he can say is "Fucking Christ!"

So Todd throws away his last vestige of dignity and takes a stab at Marissa. At least she's different. Her novel rich brown coloring and strong, healthy muscular expertise in meat squirting coupling could give him some very thrilling times in all his erogenous areas. He clicks in at 12000 and it actually lasts for a little while. For thirty two minutes he is the proud possessor of this ebony bitch who can fuck from dawn to dusk and back again. He's never heard of Africa but what the fuck! His hopes are brutally dashed when suddenly in the space of five minutes three bids come in and black beauty is striding along with 19,500 credits worth of a very hot bidder. Todd shakes his head regretfully and asks himself, "I wonder if they have any fucking post auction bargains?"

Hal immediately answers making Todd jump with surprise. "Of course there is silly but it definitely won't be on the top 5 levels. These sluts are prime meat baby. Every whore master in the galaxy wants these sex-crazed, simmering-hot tarts."

The Oriental sex slave from Procyon is already way out of reach as she's tipped the scales at 22,500 and that again is just for 72 hours of bliss. Todd is reluctant to bid very high and after seeing the long term prices he despairs. On his modest salary he couldn't hope to keep one of these beauties for more than a few months and what would he do if he became hopelessly addicted to their incredible sexual treasures? So the Procyon nymph with the oriental features and the slightly greenish skin fades from his hopes.

He briefly glances back to Hallie and sees she's reached 29,000. The black tramp is coasting at 23,000 and Candy has reached an impressive 27500.

He tries at Brenda who is still at an almost affordable 17,500 and for fifteen minutes Todd's hopes soar. This green eyed vixen with the cum licking tongue and those pink, inviting holes appears to be staring back at him with her legs wide apart and her salacious grin. As if she's saying I'm all yours for the taking, Todd. But into every life a little rain must fall and some squint eyed bastard from Alpha Centauri 2 stops him with a bid of 19,500.

Todd wonders, do I go twenty or not. He glances at Jeanine for the first time. There's only a half hour to go and she's resting at a comfortable 14,000. Well all right she's just a brunette but she's put together and she loves to fuck which is more than he can say for any existing chick on the dust heap called Deneb 4. The more he looks at her image, the more that little girl look seems to entice him. He begins to imagine all sorts of wicked, depraved things he could do to her eager willing crack. God how he could pump the little wild bitch full of his juice! With fifteen minutes to go somebody dumps in a bid of 16500.

Todd is starting to get a little canny at the bidding. He waits to see if there are more takers. The bid sits there at 16500 for the next few minutes. With five minutes to go Todd slams the clicker at 17500, and prays. He's glaring at the electronic timer as it ticks ever so slowly. He sees Jeanine lying there provocatively naked with cum sticking to her lovely face, speckled on her lovely brown hair and dripping off her cheek. She still sucks a large bone while another angle shows her cunt being utterly reamed. Her muffled moans are enough to wake the dead.

With one minute to go some prick shatters his universe with a bid of 18,000! The slimy fucker is trying to get Jeanine for a pittance. Todd glances at the other numbers on Jeanine. She's got a weekly for 36,000 and a monthly for 100,500. With a shaking hand he clicks in at 18500 and waits for the seconds to tick away. With thirty seconds to go Todd is gnashing his teeth thinking about all the streams of hot cum he's going to spray into that naughty, girl like mouth. Twenty seconds and counting or should I say cunting? He's shouting the seconds down now with Hal in derisive unison. Ten, nine, eight, every second is like an eternity. Three, two one! "She's fucking mine! You lovely little bitch! I'm gonna do you big time!"

Hal announces in his most official computerdom voice, "Yu have taken the bid at 18500 credits for the week end services of Jeanine Laflur. Once the credits have been submitted in escrow Jeanine will arrive within ten minutes at the transport receptor. Yu will have complete use of her person for 72 earth hours once she has entered your bedroom. It is suggested you make sure there is sufficient food in your quarters. You won't get a chance to go out and get any once Jeanine arrives. Time of expected arrival will be three hours and seven minutes.

Like in any other mercantile age the transfer of funds/credits can take painfully long sometimes, especially when the needs of a frustrated dick are at stake. In seconds he's out the door practically running over to the PX and stocking up. He also picks up some music cubes to add to the anticipated mood.

He's just finished putting away enough food for a week when Hal's arrogant voice chimes in. "Rise and shine laddie! I've just received confirmation that Jeanine is here. She will be knocking at your door momentarily so get with it dick head."

When Todd answers the summons Jeanine enters and gives him a very intimate hug. Her invasive kiss is an exciting promise of some extremely nice things she's going to do to him.

"Ah Todd It's so good to see you. I'm Jeanine Laflur and I'm gonna entertain you for the next three days. I'm all yours you lucky devil!"

She speaks with a mild French accent and her little girl look is an instant turn on for Todd. She's wearing a dark blue mini skirt that shows her very shapely legs to great advantage. The slinky slut's bright red halter top leaves nothing to the imagination. She feels so warm and alive in his arms. He grins at her and practically drags the giggling whore to his bed room. His long, rigid gun is primed and cleared for definite action.

Jeanine knows quite a little about Deneb 4. She's heard of course that some men in that colony are very sexually deprived because there aren't enough lively sluts to go around. So she takes the pressure off.

"All right Todd! I need to be nasty fucked so bad! I've taken some hot little hormone pills and I'm ready to rut and roll. Why don't you take a Vita pill? It's guaranteed to help you stay hard and squirt off a lot more? I just love to suck and fuck cock all day and all fuckin' night!"

Todd answers, "Sure, you got any?" Jeanine slips her dainty hand into a pocket of her blue mini skirt and hands him a small, pink lozenge. She teases, "A pill a day keeps the slut sprayed!"

The foxy piece giggles with delight as he swallows the pill with a cup of wine he's already set beside the bed. "Here's yours Jeanine."

She appreciatively drinks down the savory liquid in a few gulps. "That's nice Todd. Now strip me and dick me! Take me on that bed and fuck the living daylights out of my cunt! I've got to fuck! I'm a very naughty little girl and I'm in total heat!"

He unhooks the halter top while Jeanine is frantically kissing him. "Hurry! Please! My box is so itchy! I want you inside me for fucking days, big guy!"

With desperation he tears off his shirt and pants and slides off her mini skirt. At last, she's completely bare. No undergarments of any kind are on her. All she has left on is some very sexy looking slippers but at this point he doesn't even notice those. His hands are clasping and moving over Jeanine's ample tits and she's guiding him to the bed begging him to fuck her wet pussy quick and hard.

She croons as she arches her very sexy legs back. "I'm a very naughty slut, Todd baby! My pussy just loves to play wicked little games with huge driving cocks! If you eat and fuck my cunt real good I'll suck you off and swallow all your cum! Then you can fuck my pussy all over again! I'm an excellent quality whore and I have to fuck your huge dick! So please baby, put it to me hard!"

Now if all you dirty minded, depraved readers want to see how Jeanine Laflur gets plowed and her pussy crammed with Todd's rod and filled with gobs and gobs of creamy cum all the way into her itching holes, you'll have to go to the next chapter. You see in the writing trade you are always supposed to keep the reader hanging at the brink so he'll keep reading So hang in there! Here cum the ball busting fireworks as Todd totally does Jeanine!

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By: Black Frisbee (BlackFrisbeeErotica@yahoo.comno@email.address)

Annotation: A Honey-do list at Wally world turns into something all together different.

Abducted... For Black Frisbee Erotica By Styles Blue

It was a Monday and I was picking up a few things for my girlfriend. The usual Honey do list and I prowled the isles of Wally world like all the other fools that looked just like me. Cell phone in one hand shopping cart in the other. "Uh huh baby" nodding like she could see me " They only got ..." I broke off as this great smelling woman squeezed by me and all but took my dick off with her thigh. "Excuse me" she said in a very quiet voice and I paid little attention to it as she was built like whoa ! I realized that I was still getting instructions from headquarters. I nodded and smiled at the lady that was built to make a motha fucka wreck and continued looking for the illusive whatever, after a lingering glance. "Yeah... I'm listening to you" I said as I felt reality form back around me. It helped that she turned the corner of the isle. Shit ! I thought licking my lips.

I did the self check out and tripped on how people thought they had job security when I could just check myself out and go. At the door the senior checked my receipt against the contents of my bag and gave me the nod. I crossed the lot and was loading my groceries and thinking how the guy should have been at the register if he wanted to catch a thief when the lady from the store was between my basket and myself. . "I need a little assistance" she said as my eyes locked on her well shaped lips. "Assistance?" "Assistance" she said and let her hand rub up and then down the crotch of my Lennon shorts and pressing her breasts against my chest. I gasped in surprise. "If you can help me then turn around and get in your S.U.V. and don't say a word. I licked my lips and grabbed for the last bag sitting in the cart and tossed it in. She slid past me and over the drives seat on her knees and I could see her black thong disappearing into ass cheeks that looked like bronze heaven. Her pussy pouted under the thin lace. My mouth was dry as I followed her in and closed the door. With her knees still on the console between the seats I reached for it and let my finger play with the treasure that moistened the fabric and my finger. Extremely agile, she swung her feet around and handed me a small piece of paper with what appeared to be an address on it. As I read it her hand dove for my shorts and by the time I cleared the parking lot, she had fished my swelling dick from my boxers and was attempting to get me to lift my hips to get them off my ass. I drove recklessly as I found the address and she said one of the last three things I would hear her say that night. "Pull into the driveway and turn the motor off. It's safe the house is empty." And as I pulled my truck to a stop she had her mouth full of chocolate steak. She moaned and slurped me as I grabbed her short light haired head and assisted her in taking a lot of me. She fought me not at all as her lips and mouth met me stroke for stroke. I reclined my seat fully and tried to watch as she gobbled me in hungry noisy mouthfuls that left me gasping. The sound of my dick entering and exiting her throat had me on the verge of exploding . Sensing this, she pulled off and moved to the back seat behind my chair. She threw her legs wide and her high heels dug into the liner at the roof of the vehicle as I plunged my face full into her crotch. I licked her pussy through the material as I assisted her in getting them past those ample hips. When they reached her ankles I didn't try to remove them but bent her knees up and put my blocky shoulders against her thighs and dove my face full into her shaved hole. She moaned and her hands searched my head for purchase while I lapped at her pussy. I licked her from asshole to navel and then concentrated on licking and sucking another orgasm out of her.

Somehow she got a leg out of a panty leg and her legs parted to let me dive my tongue into her wetness. I followed that with a finger and then two as she creamed and moaned as if the world was coming to an end. Soon after that I felt the familiar pulsing and constrictions of a cumming pussy. Her breathing was irregular as I pulled her over the headrest of the drivers seat and slid her half way down the seat until we were face to face.

Her pussy met the head of my dick and she continued to slide down. Soon her legs were open on either side of me and I was full inside her. Her mouth hung open as I completed the job and pushed balls deep in her sopping wet cunt. What followed was me trying to make this sexy and total strangers pussy sore, and her trying to allow me as much access to her cunt as the confines of the explorer would give.

The big truck rocked like a baby in a mothers arms as I let my hips meet her pelvis in greedy, grinding strokes that made her breasts bounce in the thin cotton mini dress she had on. I reached up and unbuttoned the four buttons and then the front clasp of the matching black bra and was treated to breasts that made circles in the stuffy air. I took one nipple in my mouth and then the other as I continued feeding her cock meat in long strokes. >Booonnnkkk< I heard as a repositioning made my back hit the horn. I quickly got off it and we untangled for a more comfortable position. We giggled and laughed as I climbed into the back seat and crushed the bread that was in a bag on the hump in the middle of the seat. "Shit!" I said and tossed the bag to the back of the compartment. I then pulled the release and folded the middle seat down leaving a flat table top where the middle seat would be. "She gathered her clothes around her middle and lay down on the back of the collapsed seat on her stomach. Then she rose her ass like a sunrise to her knees looking back at me, as I positioned myself behind her. I threw my shirt back there with the ruined bread and bending over I lay full upon her back. I sank easily into her and she was already playing with her clit and cumming when my balls first slapped against her fingertips. . For the next five minutes she backed her ass up to me with her elbows and forearms bracing her while I tried to give her all the hip action and dick I had to offer. Her ass was as soft as Charman tissue paper in the bend of my 6-pac and the arch in her back was deep as an ocean when I felt that familiar rushing in my ears and the tightening of my ball sack. "Oh Shit baby... I'm bout to bust a fuckin nut !" I said pulling out of her and bumping my head on the roof of the truck while spurting cum in gouts on her ass and thighs. She rubbed at the cum and grabbed a few wipes from a small purse and wiped off the excess.

I was breathing like a horse and rubbing the lump on my head, when she turned and began to wipe me up after sucking the excess cum from me and licking her juices off my balls. She worked silently and when I was all clean she gave the head of my cock a kiss and straightened her dress.

We pulled out the driveway and when we hit the street I continued to try to get her to talk to me. She wouldn't even tell me her name. When we got back to the Wally World parking lot she opened the door and just before she closed the door she said. "Thanx for the ride Mr. Monday." And then she smiled like I was the biggest stud she had ever met. I I was smiling too until I started thinking about what time it was and what I was supposed to be doing. Damage control ! I went into the store and then to the bathroom to get the smell of pussy off me. The stains on my shirt were hopeless and that knot on my head had to be explained. Then there was the phone calls that I know I got. Maybe I should call her and say that I had to assist someone and time got away from me. She is gonna ask me why I didn't call. I left the phone in the car. Hurt myself assisting someone in the parking lot. Yeah...that is what I will say. I will just walk in like nothing happened and then.

I hit the clicker and pulled into the garage and I grabbed for the bags and flipped the seat back up. My seat smelled like pussy and there was nothing I could do about that. Just ready to go in and face it. At the last minute I remembered the smashed bread. I retrieved it from the back of the truck and glanced out the garage door. "Oh Shit ! " I said as I saw the mystery lady parked at the curb of my house beckoning me over. My heart was beating at a million miles a minute when I saw what she was beckoning me with. It was my cellular phone. "Awww Shit ! I said looking but unable to get my feet to move. With a flick of her wrist the phone sailed and landed in the grass and I walked stiff legged over to retrieve it as her smiling face slowly disappeared behind the tinted window of her car as it slid quietly up. "We even !" she said and slid down the street like a snail on ice skates. I was bending to pick up the phone and the porch light came on. my girlfriend was stepping out on the porch. I was Surprised to see that she was smiling. Hey baby." She said pleasantly, but with some concern "Are you ok?" "Ok?... Uh yeah baby... I'm ok" Her tiny arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me soundly on her tippy toes. Her hand probed my head and she quickly found the lump. "Does it hurt much?" "Hurt much?" I said non committals Well we will get some ice on that when we get inside. "It isn't really that bad. Just a bump." "just a bump" I said trying to catch up but failing. " Give me those and close the garage, you big hero you. I can't wait to hear all about it." "UmmmHmmm " I said handing the bags over. I was still in a daze but I know that when a man doesn't know what is going on... it is better to say nothing. She took the bags and gave me a big kiss on the cheek as she turned and bounced into the house. I turned and walked over to the cellular phone and picked it up. There was a folded sheet of paper in the middle of the flip and it said: I got the phone you left in the cart. It rang a lot so I finally had to answer it. Hope you don't mind.:) Had to tell your wife how brave you were saving that senior on the ladder. Thanx Mr. Monday

Their Unexpected Reunion - Part 2

Their Unexpected Reunion - Part 2 [part 2 of 2]
By: Ephemeral (

Their Unexpected Reunion - Part II

After several minutes, Eliyse got up and drank the remainder of her wine thirstily. She then found Jeff's shirt halfway across the room and picked it up from the floor.

"Do you mind?" Eliyse asked, returning to where he still sat on the floor and started to put it on.

"Not at all. You look better in it than I do," Jeff said, unbelievably relaxed, and not feeling at all like moving.

"Hmm. I might beg to differ. You were looking pretty damn delicious in it earlier," Eliyse smiled, and bent down to give him a kiss. She helped Jeff remove the belt binding his wrists. "I'm going to go freshen up."

Jeff watched Eliyse walk away, her hips swaying with an innate sensual grace. He leaned back and closed his eyes, and heard the shower cut on. He had never been so glad to sit through a blizzard before, and he never thought being snowed in would be his good fortune. Jeff chuckled. He didn't imagine having to worry about cabin fever for the next few days. Jeff couldn't believe how fantastic she made him feel. For example, he had just cum like a randy teenager, and he was nearly ready for her again... already! He imagined Eliyse, her body glistening with moisture as water splashed down on her. He opened his eyes and looked down at himself. Jeff smiled. El cleaned him up pretty nicely, but still.... Suddenly, he found himself up and moving.

Eliyse walked through Jeff's elegantly masculine master bedroom, and found the bathroom, turned on the shower taps and looked in the mirror. Her light makeup was slightly smeared, and her lips were a little swollen. Her eyes were still dark, and still a little bit glassy. She grinned. She decidedly looked like someone who just had sex. Although, technically, she hadn't actually had sex yet, she knew that that situation would be remedied soon enough. And Hell... when the cumming was this good without it, it's almost as good as the sex. And in some cases, sometimes even better.

Eliyse peeled off Jeff's shirt and hung it on the hook behind the door. She passed a large sunken Jacuzzi tub, and made a mental note for future reference. She giggled softly in anticipation of that moment to come. She stepped into the glass enclosure of the shower, sighing in contentment beneath the invigorating stream of warm water. Just as she ducked her head beneath the showerhead, she heard the shower door click open. Jeff placed small bottles of shampoo and conditioner on the shelf built into the rear wall of dark tile and glass shower.

"I figured you could use these," gesturing at the bottles he just put down. "Got room for one more?" Jeff teased as playfully nudged his way into the shower, and deliberately crowded near Eliyse. The stall was spacious enough for 6 people, let alone 1 or 2. It was volumes bigger than the miniscule shower stall that they'd occupied together a few times in college. Eliyse smiled at the memories, remembering certain advantages to having such a small space for two people.

"I'm sure I could spare a little room for you," Eliyse replied with an exaggerated sigh and mock discontent as she reached past him for a bottle, brushing her arm against his, briefly pressing her breasts against his chest. Jeff sucked his breath in sharply. "Thanks for these." She turned her back to him, winked over her shoulder and began to shampoo her hair.

"I figured you could use a little help," Jeff offered charitably, and grabbed the bar of soap. While Eliyse's hands were busy lathering her hair, Jeff massaged soap onto her back and shoulders. His hands glided over her body, making her skin tingle and setting off sparks throughout her and into her core. She leaned back against his slick chest when Jeff's hands worked their way across her ribcage to caress her flat stomach. Eliyse dropped her soapy hands onto Jeff's shoulders behind her, and her fingers gave him a gentle massage in return. Jeff's hands moved up to slide along the undersides of her breasts, loving the slick softness of her wet skin. Eliyse was heady with desire, seemingly insatiable, reveling in the eroticism of their wet, soapy bodies skimming and pressing against each other.

"Do you remember when we did this in college?" Jeff asked, reminiscent. "You had that tiny little shower at your dorm. I swear, I have no idea how we both fit in there."

"Or how we did the things we managed to do in there," Eliyse laughed. "I remember my roommate almost walked in on us, and I remember us almost falling out of the shower altogether!" Back in college, Eliyse stayed in a dormitory where the semi-private bathroom was shared by 2 dorm rooms, occupied by 2 people in each room. And the locks were on the opposite sides of the doors (so no one could sneak into each others rooms), so anyone could walk into the bathroom at any time.

Eliyse pushed her ass back, so the semi-hard ridge of his penis rubbed against her. Jeff had to grab her hips at the sudden pressure. His cock twitched. He was supposed to be teasing her .

"Mmph. El, a man needs time to recover!" he groaned, surprised at his own body's quick reaction to her.

"Then you shouldn't have started it," she laughed breathlessly. Eliyse stepped away from Jeff, into the stream of the shower, rinsing the soap and shampoo from her. They avoided touching while she conditioned her hair, and he finished washing up.

Jeff stepped from the shower and dried himself off, staring at Eliyse through the glass panels. He enjoyed watching the water sluice down Eliyse's body as she turned sinuously beneath the spray of the shower. The overhead heat lamp cast a bronze glow on her slick skin. At times, when he cleaned up the bathroom, he would complain about having to wash the glass walls of the shower. Not now. At that moment, he was congratulating himself for opting for the clear glass, instead of the standard frosted glass, when he remodeled.

Jeff was gone by the time Eliyse had finished. She toweled off and applied some lotion that Jeff thoughtfully placed on the counter for her, along with a new toothbrush. Massaging the moisturizer in, she noticed that her body was still singing from Jeff's touch, and yearning for more. Eliyse took the shirt she had been wearing earlier off the hook and brought it to her face before putting it back on. It smelled of Jeff and the light scent of his cologne.

Eliyse exited the steamy warmth of the bathroom, taking in the large 4-poster King-sized bed. There was undoubtedly plenty of room to move, but she might need a ladder to climb into that gigantic bed. Or maybe Jeff could just give her lift up. Eliyse detoured through the foyer and grabbed her carry-on. She walked into the kitchen, to find Jeff redressed in black warm-ups and t-shirt, preparing their dinner. Jeff looked gorgeously masculine and sexy in the all black outfit. Although the pants were loose fitted, the shirt hugged and complemented his fit physique. She dropped the bag in an empty chair and helped him finish making dinner.

They ate leisurely and informally, touching often and feeding each other pieces of salad, fruit and cheese, and finishing off the wine. Throughout the casual meal, Jeff couldn't keep his hands off of her - his hand lightly resting on her bare knee, licking and kissing her fingers as she fed him morsels of food, and at one point, grabbing her to sit on his lap.

"This is utterly hedonistic," Eliyse said as she sipped her wine. She leaned her head back against Jeff's shoulder and looked out the window to see almost nothing but white flakes swirling and drifting in the dark night. "It's like we're in our own little world here."

She sighed. "I'd better call the airlines and see when I can get out."

"Trying to escape already?" Jeff teased.

"Of course not! Do I look like I want to go anywhere?" she replied, putting a hand to his cheek and tracing his earlobe. "Besides, we haven't fully caught up yet. Wouldn't you agree?" Eliyse pressed against him and pulled his head down for a kiss. Jeff placed his hands on her waist. Her skin was warm beneath the thin material of his shirt.

No, Eliyse wasn't dressed to leave. In fact, Jeff thought that she was entirely too overdressed, wearing only his button-down shirt. He couldn't help but notice how her full breasts swung freely beneath the shirt, and how the tips of her nipples rubbed tantalizingly against the soft cotton. He had to admit that Eliyse looked like she belonged in his bed, or on that table, or on top of him in that chair, or... or... or.... Hmmm... there was so much potential. She wasn't going anywhere for a while.

She took her cell phone into the living room and called the airline. She noticed that Jeff had gathered up her clothing - they were draped neatly on the arm of the couch, with her boots lined up on the floor beside them. "What a sweetheart," Eliyse thought to herself.

After a few minutes, she returned to the kitchen. "Well, it looks like I'm stuck here for the duration. Apparently, the snowstorm has reached historic proportions, and has decided to stall just over Lake Michigan. I won't get out for at least 2 days, even if it did stop snowing right now, because ALL flights are canceled. They will call me tomorrow with an update. Luckily, my manager was prepared for delays, so she can deal with work till I get back in town... whenever that is!" Eliyse tossed her phone on top of her bag. Jeff turned from the sink as he finished placing their used dishes in the dishwasher.

"I guess we better make the most of it then," Jeff sighed in mock resignation, as he reached for Eliyse.

She laughed and punched playfully at his chest. He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her onto the granite countertop on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"Ohh! That's cold," Eliyse gasped and laughed when the cold stone hit the backs of her bare legs.

"Don't worry, I'll warm you up," Jeff said as he began to unbutton his shirt that Eliyse was wearing.

"Oh, smooth!" She chuckled and then moaned, when Jeff began kissing the base of her neck and parted the shirt to caress her naked body, still slightly moist and warm from the shower. Her hair was still damp, and her scent was clean and uniquely her. With both hands, he caressed the undersides of her breasts, lifting the delicate globes to his mouth to lave her nipples, and taking his index fingers and thumbs to boldly pinch them. She arched like a bow and wrapped her smooth legs around his waist, pulling his body closer, as he kissed and caressed her. Eliyse leaned back and planted her hands behind her on the counter, leaving herself open and exposed for him. His hands trailed down her body - outlining the bones of her ribcage, dipping into her navel. One hand returned to her breast while the other continued further to press on the hardening nub of her clit. Her hips bucked toward him.

"You're so incredibly sexy, El," Jeff said as he looked down at her lustfully. "Touch yourself for me."

Eliyse scooted back further on the counter and planted her feet on the edge of the counter, legs spread open. Jeff stood back and leaned his hip against the counter opposite to her. Sitting before him and leaning back slightly on her left hand, wearing only his shirt, she ran her right hand along her collarbone, across her chest. She brushed her palm against her hardening nipples, arching her back at the sensation. Jeff watched her with half-lidded eyes, following every movement of her hand. His own hand crept up underneath his t-shirt, and was lightly running his hands over his chest and abdomen. He unconsciously mimicked the actions of her hand upon her torso, with his hand on his own body.

Eliyse tipped her head back as her hand moved lower, lightly teasing her navel, and then tracing her fingertips along her inner thigh. When her fingers finally reached her clitoris, it was already swollen and moist from her arousal. Without even touching her, the mere heat of Jeff's gaze was enough to turn Eliyse on. She loved watching Jeff watching her. Eliyse observed Jeff's hands roaming his torso. Her fingers tingled - almost as if it was her hand tripping it's way across his chest, feeling his lightly muscled body shudder against her. The tip of her middle finger dipped into her pussy with ease, readily coating her fingertips with her wetness. She added her index finger, already imagining herself being filled and stretched by Jeff's incredible dick.

Jeff could hear the extent of her lust, evidenced by the sound of her fingers gliding wetly. He witnessed it, from the abundance milky cream clinging to her fingers and beginning to flow from her eager pussy. He loved how wet she got for him. There was no faking it for her.

Jeff pushed himself from the counter, and stood before Eliyse. She removed her fingers from her pussy and held them in front of Jeff's face. She placed her index and middle fingers on his lips and pushed them into his mouth. He could taste her sex, as she slid her fingers in his mouth just as she had in her pussy. Her big brown eyes looked directly into his.

"I want you." Eliyse said, sitting up and grabbing the waistband of his warm-ups, pulling him closer and stretching the waistband to create a gap at the same time. She pressed her hand against his lower abdomen and slipped it into his pants, finding him nearly as ready as she was. She pushed his pants down so she could get a better grip of him. He kicked them off. She vaguely noted that he wasn't wearing any underwear. "I guess he's eager for more too," Eliyse thought briefly.

Again, she wrapped her legs around Jeff, pulling him closer. Seeing her ready, so ready, for him, and his cock so close to his target, all he wanted to do was bury himself inside her. He wrapped his arms around her and carried her to the mahogany dining table nearby and sat her down on the tabletop. Eliyse sat up with her hands planted slightly behind her. Jeff leaned down and flicked each nipple once with his tongue. She squirmed in delight. With her on the edge of the table, she was lined up perfectly with him.

It was too much to resist.

In that instant, he thrust himself deep into her. They both moaned deeply with satisfaction. Eliyse loved the way he filled her up. They sat still for a moment, both getting adjusted to the feelings and sensations. She was so hot and wet that he entered her with ease. But he loved the way that her inner muscles seemed to try to pull him in deeper.

"Damn El," was all he could say for a moment. His hands flexed on the backs of her thighs, pulling her legs up and open, and pushing himself deeper.

"This is so fucking good." Eliyse moaned. She leaned back on her hands as Jeff grabbed her hips, withdrawing almost fully and then plunging back in, nearly knocking the breath from her lungs. "Mmmph."

Eliyse was spread open and eager for more. It was a perfect angle for them to watch him sliding in and out of her. Both were fascinated at Eliyse's juices that flowed over Jeff's stiff cock. Jeff always made her forget all sense of propriety. He never seemed to fail at helping her get her naughty out. It was so amazing how absolutely indecent she got with him. Eliyse loved it. So did Jeff.

Jeff pulled her legs up, so that they were resting on his shoulders. He then pulled her bottom off the table, and supported her weight with his hands and thighs. Eliyse shifted her weight to her arms and legs. Jeff's hands pulled her to him, and Jeff thrust in deeply.

"Oh yes, Babe. Fuck... that is so good!" Jeff ground out.

It was a taxing position, but oh so worth the effort. They continued on for several more moments before Jeff placed her ass back on the table. Jeff's thighs were wet with Eliyse's juices. She then lay down on her back, and Jeff was able to slide her bottom a bit off the table again, to gain deeper entry. Her legs were still on his shoulders, and Jeff plunged even farther when he planted his hands on the table on either side of her, his body pushing Eliyse's legs closer to her body and her pussy into a more accessible position.

Jeff slid into her slick pussy easily, and her pussy gripped him tantalizingly. He could feel the walls of her pussy tighten on him, as if it were grabbing onto him and trying to pull his cock even deeper into her. He pulled out nearly completely, before propelling himself forward, embedding his thick shaft to the hilt. He drove all the breath from her lungs. Her head lolled from side to side, eyes closed and entirely caught up in the ecstasy that Jeff was creating in her.

Eliyse had dreamed of this feeling of sexual euphoria over the years, and was in utter bliss at reliving the sensations again. Her head was spinning dizzily. Jeff's cock filled her so wonderfully. He was so deep, that it was almost painful. But Jeff always managed to make the near pain, infinitely pleasurable. This man certainly knew how to drive Eliyse crazy - beyond anything she'd ever known. She was certain that she would do anything that Jeff asked of her. In fact, if he hadn't stopped their activities in the shower, she very well might have used that opportunity to feel him pressing into her ass. She wondered if she could take him all in. That very thought made her world turn upside-down as she orgasmed, almost without warning.

The intensity of Eliyse's climax forced Jeff to stop all movement. Her pussy contracted and pulled at him like nothing he'd ever known before. It felt absolutely sensational, but he was determined to last a lot longer this time around. Fuck... she was amazing. He ground up against her as she continued to cum, her juices flowing wetly and running down along her ass, making contact with his thighs.

When her convulsions began to subside, Jeff pulled Eliyse up into a sitting position and kissed her deeply. His tongue delved into her mouth, dueling with her tongue. He backed away and grabbed a high-backed, upholstered chair from the table. He turned it so that it was facing away from the table. Jeff sat down on it, and motioned for her to straddle him on either side of the chair. "Come here, Baby," Jeff said. Eliyse wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed as she lowered herself down onto him.

With Jeff fully erect and Eliyse wetter than ever, their bodies united swiftly and effortlessly. Eliyse bit her lip and closed her eyes. She rode on top of his thick, hard length, delighting in the new sensations that this angle triggered within her. She rode Jeff slowly, gyrating her hips in a circular motion.

"Oh, yeah... that's so fucking fantastic. I love how you move, El." Jeff groaned.

"Did I ever tell you that I was taking belly-dance lessons?" Eliyse said teasingly.

"God, El... you're obviously an A+ pupil for it." Jeff replied, hands resting upon her hips. He felt his hips pushing off the chair to meet her. Her body's movements were like she was following the swirled stripes on a candy cane. Jeff could feel her quivering flesh all around him. Eliyse's hands reached up to grab the back of the chair behind his neck for more stability and support.

The sight of Eliyse's breasts bouncing right in front of him mesmerized Jeff. He took one hand and pulled one breast to his mouth to suckle upon while she continued to ride him slowly. Eliyse felt her level of arousal shoot up again, rocketed by the flicking of her nipples by Jeff's tongue. Oh fuck! That always made her so crazy! She just loved setting the pace, riding him while he sucked on her nipples. He took his other hand and began squeezing her other nipple, making her body buck towards him. There was nothing more imperative to Eliyse's consciousness right now than cumming, and making Jeff cum with her.

She leaned her body back, planting her hands behind her on Jeff's knees. Eliyse felt fully exposed to him, wanting anything and everything. Her pace began to quicken, and her gyrations became more frenzied. Her undulating movements were combined with swift strokes straight up and down on him. Soon, Jeff began to feel Eliyse's wetness flowing down upon him.

"Oh shit, El... you're so fucking wet. I can feel your wetness between my legs, dripping on my balls." Jeff squeezed his legs together, creating a small pool where Eliyse's juices began to gather and glaze his skin. It was so intense. The sounds of her wet pussy sliding up and down on him, skin slapping against skin, echoed through the room.

"Fuck me, Babe. Pour your sweet juices all over me. I want you to grip that cock with that pussy, and make me cum. I love it when you make me explode for you." Jeff leaned forward and whispered in her ear, pulling at both of her nipples now.

Eliyse was holding back a scream. She was holding her breath. She was so incredibly close. She was holding it all in. Jeff's words drove her mad. And when he pulled on her nipples like that, she couldn't contain it anymore. Eliyse gave a guttural shout and her body began to shake almost violently on Jeff's dick. She couldn't even move her hips to try to make Jeff cum. But Jeff didn't need it. Eliyse's pussy clenched him like a velvet vise, her walls softly pulsating around him, and it was too much for him. Jeff grunted in uncontrolled response as he gripped her hips and ground her down on him as he pumped his semen deep into her.

Through the haze of her own ecstasy, Eliyse could feel Jeff empty himself into her. The twitching of his cock inside of her as he came was absolutely splendid. It drove her to the next level of delirium. On shaky arms, she pushed herself upright and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as their orgasms began to subside. Jeff wrapped his arms around her back and they just sat there for a few moments until they regained equilibrium.

*** Please stay tuned for Part III of the story! ***

Friday, September 10, 2010

Molly Entertains (I Dare You)

Molly Entertains (I Dare You)
By: Mark Anderson (

Molly Entertains (I Dare You)

Molly was pissed. "How did I get talked into this?" She thought as she pulled on her tight jeans and sucked in her breath so she could close the zipper. As reluctant as she was to keep this appointment, it had taken her longer than normal to get going. Now she was running very late and was fumbling around her bathroom in a half-hearted attempt to look presentable before she went out.

Her vibrant and usually smiling features required little in the way of enhancement, a little lipstick and some eye-liner was all she used today. Her teeth were white and straight, her nose perhaps a little on the large size, but very acceptable. Her bright eyes appeared to be constantly searching out mischief from above her high cheekbones and her face radiated fun through its covering of soft skin that appeared to stretch beautifully across a layer of remnant puppy fat that kept her looking younger than her twenty-seven years.

Running her hands through her expanse of curly brown hair, she elected not to spend any time trying to subdue its wild spirit today. Glancing lower in the mirror, she conceded that she would have to find a shirt though. A simple white bra struggled to hold her heavy round breasts and Molly gave them both an encouraging bounce with her hands. They sure were a pair to be proud of, but today she had no interest in advertising them. Hurrying to her closet, she selected an oversized green linen shirt that was appropriate for the afternoon's duties and did it's very best to hide her voluptuous figure.

After one final check that she was at least presentable enough for a casual afternoon off coffee shops and sightseeing, Molly grabbed her denim shoulder bag and dashed out of her apartment; pissed, resigned to a wasted afternoon and just wanting to get the whole thing over with.

This was all Joanne's fault. Her friend had called her up and called in a favor earlier in the week. Joanne's cousin was in town on business, would be around through the weekend and at a loose end on Saturday. Joanne and her boyfriend had long-standing plans for the day and she pleaded with Molly to meet with her cousin and entertain him for the day, for the afternoon at least. Molly resisted, not wanting to give up a whole afternoon and not really feeling hospitable to the opposite sex right then - yet another guy who was all trousers and no manners was recent history.

"Hey, it's not like he's some ugly geek who smells or something." Joanne continued her selling of the task to Molly.

Molly didn't care. Even if he looked like a male model and acted like a perfect gentleman, she was reluctant, to say the least. Eventually she gave in and agreed to show him around for the afternoon, mindful that it was Joanne who helped her decorate the apartment when she moved in. No way was she going to make a big effort though, no way.

Despite arriving at the coffee shop where she was supposed to meet him five minutes later than agreed, Molly was first to arrive. It was just another reason to view the afternoon with frustration. Resigning yet again to make the best of things, she ordered a drink, sat down at a table near the window and idly smoldered at her situation.

He turned up seventeen minutes late. Molly didn't notice him at first; mainly because she'd imagined him as a nondescript, weak-featured, business traveler. When he stooped at her table and enquired, "Molly?" it took her a few moments to adjust her image of him in her mind. He offered his hand and a warm smile. "Adrian." He introduced himself. "I recognized you from that lovely hair. Joanne said I couldn't miss you."

Rather than rush off and get himself a coffee before his joined her, Adrian slipped his athletic frame into the chair next to Molly and comfortably thanked her for giving up her time to entertain him. His dark blonde hair was gelled and carefully disheveled, his shining blue eyes were assured, but not smug, and his hands looked strong as they rubbed his thighs gently through the denim of his very tight jeans, showing maybe just a hint of nerves at meeting her. Molly found herself staring at his jeans while his soothing voice said something or other about whether she wanted another coffee or not.

"So, what would you like to do this afternoon?" Molly asked when she'd gathered herself from the unexpected appeal of Adrian. "We can pretty much do anything you want." Molly didn't offer any overtones in her offer, but she sure was thinking them. It's amazing what a good looking smart guy can do for your demeanor.

"Joanne mentioned your hair, but she didn't warn me you were so attractive." Adrian smiled, self-consciously. "I wouldn't mind just sitting here all afternoon, watching you smile."

Molly flapped her eyelids with a cartoon-like motion. Her heart jumped just a little and her imagination continued down a path that she hadn't expected for this afternoon. "We could... but all that caffeine would give me the shakes and I'd have to run to the washroom every few minutes."

She offered to take him to a movie, drive him out to a large shopping mall, view the local architecture or visit the zoo. While Adrian listened to the options Molly got the impression that she hadn't quite hit the mark yet, but she was also running out of options. "We could go for a walk along the river. If you like, it's quite a nice day."

"You know," Adrian smiled warmly, "after being locked away in an office block all week... that sounds like a pretty good idea."

A few minutes later they finished their drinks and stepped out to the warming afternoon sunshine. Molly led the way to the riverside and down to the walkway that lead along the waterside and eventually out of town. Adrian walked casually, holding his jacket over his shoulder and contentedly enjoying his surroundings. Molly had not only warmed to her companion, but was feeling a familiar heat rise within her every time she snuck a look at Adrian's muscular body and sharp features. From dreading the afternoon she had quickly moved to wonder if she couldn't engineer extending their "date" to cover dinner... at least.

For his part, Adrian was quietly smitten by Molly's fun conversation, not to mention the voluptuous body that her shirt couldn't hide and was encouraging his imagination to run wild. Whilst her face smiled so naturally and so vivaciously at him, other elements of her body were becoming less subtle now, her tight ass and wonderful boobs virtually screaming at him. Joanne sure hadn't warned him how attractive Molly was. Interestingly, all she had warned him about was that he shouldn't make any bets with her or dare her to do anything.

"So," he looked over with a mischievous grin, "why would Joanne warn me not to dare you to do anything?"

Playful annoyance crossed her features and she shot the look across to him, "she said that?" Adrian nodded slowly, enjoying that he might have found a fun nerve. "I guess she means that I have a reputation for being a little daring at times, and not losing many bets."

"Like what?" He probed immediately.

"Oh, you know..." Molly tried to sounds vague while she searched her memory for an appropriate item to tell him about; something non-incriminating. It wasn't an easy task. "Mainly girl's-night-out stuff, just for a laugh."

"Oh, okay." Adrian nodded. "I'll have to remember not to dare you then."

It was Molly's turn to nod knowingly. "Good call, because I'd dare you back. That would be a condition I'd insist on. So you'd need to be prepared."

"Yeah," Adrian considered, "and I might not want that!"

Molly asked him about his job and he tried to talk her through what he did without boring her. He admitted that he worked long hours during the week and seldom had time for a social life. Molly took that to mean he was unattached and gently dropped into their conversation that she'd had a long run of failed dating experiences with males of various ages afflicted with various significant flaws. An hour after their walk had begun the path was no longer the paved sidewalk it had started as and their surroundings were all green and alive, as opposed to the concrete and brick of the town. This did not go unnoticed by Adrian.

"I dare you to go behind those trees, take your panties off, then come back and put them in my pocket."

While the words were pretty much out-of-the-blue for Molly, she smirked when she heard them and her face showed no sign of shock whatsoever. "You understand there'll be consequences?"

Adrian nodded. "I thought we could at least inject a little fun into the afternoon."

Without another word, and holding his gaze as long as she could, Molly turned away and walked about thirty feet to the semi-cover of a couple of bushes. She glanced over her shoulder to check her position, then pulled her jeans apart and kicked off her shoes.

He watched as much as he could see as she took the dare. He saw her stoop at one point and then caught the amazing sight of her pulling the jeans off her foot. His pulse rate started increase quickly, the excitement and anticipation was incredible. He watched closely, just in case he could see her bare legs or even her ass, but Molly was tantalizingly discrete as she pulled the jeans back on without revealing any more.

Molly's face was smug as she walked back towards him with a cocky gait and a pristine pair of white panties in her hand. Never letting her eyes leave his, she used both hands to open his pants' pocket and stuff the warm panties inside. "Happy now?" She asked.

Adrian nodded, "Very." He turned and restarted their walk. "Do I get to keep them?"

Molly sniffed at first, and then giggled, "Perv. Sure, call them a souvenir from this afternoon. You can think of me whenever you... erm, look at them."

As they continued casually along the riverside, Molly let his anxiety rise, knowingly. She continued their small talk, asking about his hometown and some of the places he'd visited on business. Her comeback dare came abruptly in the middle of his telling her about a trip to San Francisco. "You can walk over there and take your underwear off." She pointed to an open area that led to some trees that were over a hundred yards away.

Adrian took a deep breath and turned away, both enjoying the exchange and the excitement of their game. He walked no more than twenty yards and then, with his back to her, slipped off his pants, followed quickly by his underwear. As he pulled his jeans back on, he was careful not to catch his erection in his zipper.

Molly smiled as she watched Adrian bend over and slip his pants of, revealing a pale but very tasty ass. When he walked back to her he offered his white underpants. "You want these?"

"Hell no." Molly giggled. "You can put them in that trash can." She pointed at a black container at the side of the path. "In fact, let's just make that part of the dare. If that's okay?" She chuckled and walked off.

Adrian had no option but to do as he was instructed, and then walk behind Molly for several steps while he caught up with her. It was tempting to continue walking behind her though, enjoying in her thighs and ass cheeks as she moved along.

"So," Adrian caught up with her, "are we even and done with the dares, or should I offer you another challenge?"

"Up to you really." Molly's voice was matter-of-fact, but the smile on her lips was encouraging, to say the least.

"Okay then. I dare you to take off your bra." Adrian waited no time in keeping the game going. "But you have to let me watch. Close up."

Over the next minute Adrian was too obsessed by the images in front of him to thank his cousin for warning him not to dare Molly. He should have thanked her though, because he'd never seen anything quite like it as his companion slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. Molly watched Adrian's face, seemingly unconscious to any other prying eyes that may have been around them on that public path as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

Adrian's jaw slackened considerably as the bra fell away and revealed her magnificent breasts. Large, round and peaking with perfect dark nipples, he gazed as they wobbled and swayed with her every move. They looked so heavy, yet somehow defied gravity and protruded outwards more than they sagged downwards. His instinct was to reach out and take them in his hands, but he remained rooted to the spot, mesmerized.

Molly threw her bra to him and he caught it without taking his eyes from her breasts, then she started to pull her shirt back over her shoulders and button it up again. "You can keep that too if you want." Molly giggled as she covered up.

He knew he should say something, or at least be capable of saying something, as Molly turned and restarted their walk but for the first time in a long while, Adrian was dumbstruck. As he fell into stride with her he was excited, amazed and strangely comfortable with this amazingly sexy and fun woman next to him. And now it was her turn to dare him... an anxiety he could feel all over as their silence hung somewhere between his hard on and her smirk.

Of course, Molly knew this. She knew he was waiting her next instruction and delighted in holding back far longer than he could possibly expect. Molly loved such playful expectancy before sex. She also knew about the bulge in Adrian's jeans and looked forward to finding out a little more about that.

Without a word of explanation, she led them off the path and into a patch of mature trees that offered some shade from the warming afternoon sun. Seeming not to be particular about where she sat (which was far from the truth as she chose a very secluded spot), Molly slumped down against a thick oak tree and looked up at the dolefully obedient puppy Adrian had become in the last twenty minutes.

"Okay, let's have it." Figuring he knew what was coming next, he tried to sound confident, but failed. "What's my dare to be?"

Molly let him stew for a few more seconds before answering, "I dare you to find out if I'm as excited as you obviously are." She nodded playfully at his bulge.

Adrian took another long look at Molly's gorgeous figure before slipping down to his knees beside her. "I guess I should be happy that I don't have to wrestle with your panties as well. You could almost call it good planning." He laughed nervously as he tugged at her zipper and pulled the waist button of her jeans free. Glancing up at her content face, he started to slip his fingers beneath the denim and towards the hidden delights of her pubic area. He felt some soft hair first, then slowly moved further inside. Molly's skin temperature immediately started to rise as he found her hot and already damp pussy lips. Wriggling a finger, he slipped it inside her a little and felt a rush of moisture envelop him. He smiled widely and looked down at his half-hidden hand. "Certainly feels like we have an excited situation here. Wonder what we should do about that?"

Before he could look up to see Molly's face again her fingers were taking their own initiative and pulling urgently on his belt. He rubbed her vigorously while she freed him from his jeans, his finger slipping up and down the length of her slit, already coated in her excitement and running easily between her lips. Her hand found him with a firm grasp and he felt his cock spring out into the fresh air. He was right, the lack of underwear helped. With his free hand, Adrian cupped one of her breasts through her shirt, marveling at its weigh and the warm softness of it. Already her nipple was proud and easy to find with his fingers.

His cock felt new, hard and warm in her hands. She stroked him gently feeling his contours and judging his excitement while she explored her latest toy. "Stand up." She urged. "I want to see this better."

Once Adrian was on his feet, Molly pulled away his jeans while he loosened his shirt. He watched her smile as both of her hands wandered over his very hard and upright cock. "Nice." She giggled, testing his balls for size. He was about seven inches, nicely thick all the way along his shaft and he had a sleek dark pink head that was throbbing nicely with the excitement. Molly loved looking at a new cock and admired Adrian's as he twitched and pointed straight up, parallel to his belly. Her hands glided easily along him, softly encouraging his excitement and pleasing her.

He wanted to stand there and let her bring him to climax there and then. Her fingers were working softly between his balls and his thighs, sending pulses of pleasure all the way up his length in ways way no one else's fingers ever had. Looking down he watched as she concentrated on her close up view if him, licking her lips and enjoying every movement she made for him. Then he caught a glimpse of her heavenly cleavage and felt an urgent need to change position.

She offered no resistance as he eased her shoulders up to stand before him and allow his fingers to work her shirt open. When the last button was undone he slipped a hand inside and felt the soft flesh of her wonderful boobs for the first time. Molly brought her mouth up to his and offered a long, deep, kiss that accompanied his exploration perfectly. As his fingers found her nipple and squeezed a little more excitement out of it she found him with her hand and resumed her long and gentle strokes.

He slipped out of her fingers as he knelt in front of her, pulled away her jeans and got his first view of her beautiful and welcoming pussy. He slid the palm of his hand up the inside of her thigh as she flicked her jeans away with her foot, his fingertips not stopping as they pushed at the flesh of her mound. She was nicely trimmed, with her lips bare, wet and protruding. Adrian's hand pulled gently at her lips, bringing some pink into view and begging his tongue to taste her. It was impossible to resist.

He craned his neck to get the best angle into her while she lifted a leg for him. Molly's breathing suddenly deepened as she felt the soft probing tip of his tongue push into her. He pulled her open wider and licked up and down her before plunging again, as deep as he could and pushing his nose into her clit. He reveled in all of her as he twisted and turned his tongue to taste her, smell her and make her wriggle with pleasure. "Oh God." Molly moaned.

Adrian was enthusiastically continuing his job, reaching around with his free hand to push his fingers through the back of her thighs and tease her perineum. For several minutes, Molly could only encourage him by running her fingers through his hair. As she felt those deep familiar stirrings she could easily have simply stood there and let him make her cum, but she wasn't about to waste the delectable-looking cock she knew was waiting for her.

"Lie down." She pushed his head away gently. "I need to feel you inside me."

Adrian quickly threw their clothes together on a rough blanket and lay back for her. Molly straddle him and looked down smiling, giving him the most wonderful view. "This has certainly turned out to be a more interesting afternoon than I was expecting."

"Sure has." Adrian agreed as she lowered herself to sit on his belly.

He felt the direct heat of her wet pussy as she squelched down on him and reached behind her back to take hold of him. As he looked up to her beautiful face it struck Adrian that he'd never been with any woman whose sexual pleasure was so evident on her face. It was an incredible turn on just to watch Molly in action, never mind experience her.

Molly shuffled herself down his body a little and allowed her knees to swing upwards, so she rested her feet on the ground, not her knees; as they would be in a "normal" straddling position. This allowed her to push up from him easily and pull his cock under her. Her hands were assured in their movement as she positioned him and her eyes didn't leave his, seemingly enjoying the intense feelings she had stoked in him.

Without undue delay Molly guided the head of his cock to her slit, removed her hand and slid effortlessly down his pole, her sheath providing all the lubrication required. Adrian felt her warmth engulf and grip him wonderfully. His eyes closed as a wave of pleasure ran through his body. Molly smiled at the reaction, and then allowed her own eyes to close as she sighed at the sensations of him filling her up. "God, that feels good." She whispered, as much to herself as to Adrian. She leaned forward and rested her hand gently on his chest, allowing her large round breast to swing down and towards him.

As she eased up and slid back down on him for the first time Adrian couldn't resist bringing his hands up to cup her breasts and feel their considerable weight in his fingers. The sight of his thumb and forefinger pulling and twisting on her already hard nipples was almost as exciting as the feelings she was inducing in the rest of him as she worked her wonderfully tight pussy up and down his cock.

Molly sure knew what she was doing. Using her feet to move up and down on him meant that she was better able to pinch him inside her, making her feel tighter than any pussy he'd ever known. Each time she drew off him he felt his cock being pulled with her and each time she sunk back onto him she pushed hard, making him feel like he was deeper inside her than he ever thought possible. Still working her nipples in his fingers, he looked up to see the pleasure on her face as she licked her lips with a slow circle of her tongue and moaned unconsciously.

"Touch me." Molly half-whispered, half-commanded.

Adrian reached under her dangling breasts and quickly found the top of her soaking pussy as it continued its slow rhythm of pleasure on him. As soon as he felt the swollen bud of her clit he knew why she needed him to touch her. Molly moaned louder now and managed to grind her clit on to his fingers as she rode him. Forgetting his own pleasure for just a moment, he was mesmerized as her breathing lost its regularity and the moaning got louder. She stopped breathing altogether and thrust down one final time before exhaling violently and letting her full weight collapse on him. "Oh fuck." She panted as her pussy muscles contracted and relaxed repeatedly with the powerful climax. Adrian worked his fingers slow and firm against her as her body shuddered and then shivered, wringing ever last moment of pleasure for her he could.

When she opened her eyes she looked down at with a wild, fiery look that told him instantly that he wouldn't need to ask if it was good for her.

It was no hardship for him as she lay on him and recovered, his cock still sheathed in her slick furnace and her gorgeous breasts pressing into his chest where she'd fallen on him. Adrian ran his hands all over her back and down to her ass cheeks, caressing and soothing her post-orgasmic bliss.

When Molly did recover, she was eager to make sure he got as good as she had. "Shall I kneel down for you?" She giggled as she kissed his mouth with a series of small pecks.

"Mmmm." He approved, thinking of how it would look to see himself sinking into her. "I think I need to fuck you now."

"Again?" Molly's face recovered its impish grin as she slipped off him and waited for him to kneel up so she could assume her position for him. "Or did I just fuck you?"

The sight of Molly on all fours, offering up her pussy for his pleasure, was easily the most welcome thing Adrian ever saw. Giving himself a few gentle strokes while she got comfortable, he reached out and rubbed her still wet and heated pussy with his fingers. The sight of his fingers disappearing inside her turned his cock into a magnet attracted to her red hot sex and he eased himself towards its goal. Placing the head against its soft target, he used his hand to rub it up and down between her swollen lips. Adrian's eyes were glued to his own cock as he pushed gently and it disappeared under her ass and into her pussy.

No matter how much he wanted the moment to last forever, it was inevitable that he felt his body start to tingle with just the first few thrusts into her. Adrian reached forward with one hand and found her waving breast. Her nipple was hard and easy to find. He squeezed it between his fingers and felt her push extra hard back onto his cock. He sighed as the tension gently rose all over him, delighting in having Molly's sexy body at his disposal and providing such pleasure.

As soon as Molly reached back and started to stroke his waving balls with her hand he knew there was no more holding back. Straightening up, he moved his hands to hold her hips and control the long thrusts he was relentlessly pounding her with. Molly glanced over her shoulder and smiled knowingly as she cupped him and pulled gently on his balls while he plunged in and out of her. He was staring straight into her eyes as his blood came to a boil and carried the rush of orgasm all through him. He closed his eyes and inclined his head backwards as the climax took control of his muscles and tightened them as spasms of pleasure began to pump cum from the balls Molly was pulling on exquisitely.

It was only after the fourth jet of cum shot into her that his breathing restarted; a gasp at first while Molly milked the final drops of cum from him and then deep, relieved, gulps of the fresh air. Molly was still looking over her shoulder at him, still loving every moment of the pleasure she'd created for him.

He held her loosely in his arms as they slumped and enjoyed the moments after their first coupling. Molly's soft skin felt good next to his as the sheen of sweat that he'd generated started to cool down in the afternoon breeze.

"I suppose you're going to want your underwear back now?" He let his hand caress her bottom gently while he spoke.

Molly was looking up through the branches and leaves of the tree they lay beneath and Adrian more felt her smile than he could see it. "I don't think so." She giggled. "You can keep them."

"Thanks." He laughed. "You can be sure I'll enjoy them."

"Anyway," Molly continued, "I'm not expecting to need then for a while yet." Her hand started to slide down his torso.

She turned over and raised her head over him so she could kiss him while her hand played with his soft but recovering cock. Breaking the kiss, she smiled down at him.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing." She pulled a little harder as she felt the effects of her touch stiffen him. "I was just thinking how I really wasn't looking forward to this afternoon."

Adrian smiled back. "I dare you to keep doing that."

She gave him an impish look that he was beginning to recognize. "Looks like you're getting the hang of this game."